Creating exclusive retail clubs with the world’s biggest publishers

We started Stour with the mission of creating an entirely new shopping experience inspired by the way we shop online. These days, we don’t buy anything without first getting a recommendation from someone we trust — whether it’s from a major publication or a content creator who’s always ahead of the curve. Stour was built around the idea that physical retail should be the same way. 

How Stour Works

Building new retail experiences
We build full-scale retail experiences for publishers, from lease negotiation to store build to product management. Think of us as a behind-the-scenes retail partner for the most influential global publishers.

Connecting brands and publishers 
Our platform builds a community around our stores, connecting only the most worthwhile brands to publishers looking to stock their shelves. Brands get to sell their products under a global publishing authority and consumers get to shop like their favorite editors and influencers.

Changing the way we shop 
We know what makes for good shopping. Every store we build is designed to create the most memorable and streamlined experiences. No superfluous design elements or crowded shelves — just the best products in beautiful spaces under real editorial headlines.

We believe in the power of physical retail, but we know there’s no going back to the way things were. Let’s go somewhere new.

We’re going somewhere new.
Are you?