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Harness a publisher’s influence

It’s not just about looking good — a slot in one of our stores means your brand is backed by world-class editors in some of the most crowded markets out there.

Earn exclusive
placement under real headlines

Nowadays, everyone reads articles about
products before making a purchase. Imagine your brand sitting under your dream editorial headline, in real life, to guide anyone ready to buy.
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Capture an engaged audience

A publisher’s audience becomes your audience. And every aspect of our stores is tailored to the way people shop today.

Advanced customer insights

Understand the journey

Uncover who your audience really is and how they shop with detailed demographic and customer journey data.

Go beyond traffic

Machine learning and AI provide key metrics such as visit duration, unique traffic, pass-by traffic, visit frequency, and new vs. repeat visit rate.

Increase conversion

Expect 5-8% sales growth YoY and a 1-2% increase in conversion in the first 30 days.

Inspired by way we shop now

Consumers crave experiences

People are willing to spend up to 16% more on products when the shopping experience is memorable

We want to try before we buy

Online return rates are more than three times higher than in-store return rates

Publishing influences purchasing

55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase
Sources: 1. Microsoft Retail Trends Playbook 2020, 2. SaleCycle, Ecommerce Returns: 2020 Stats and Trends, 3. KPMG Global Online Consumer Report

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Yes. The editorial teams at our publisher partners are responsible for selecting only the best products to be featured in their Stours. Every brand must either apply or be invited by the publisher to get a spot in a Stour.
Please get in touch with our team at sales@stour.us to learn more about pricing.
Please get in touch with our team at sales@stour.us to learn more about what you can get from a spot in one of our stores.
Maybe, but we can't promise you anything. Any editorial decisions for Allure.com will be made by Allure editors.
Please get in touch with our team at sales@stour.us for more details on launching a store.